Pre-Purchase Inspections

A Pre-Purchase inspection for any vehicle you are planning to purchase is an important decision you should not take lightly. And when purchasing a pre-owned Porsche it is critical! Paint Thickness Test

NOT getting a pre-purchase inspection done when purchasing a Porsche can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars not to mention lots of headaches.  Even though the car may look good and seems to run okay… there can be major issues hidden below the surface. Many times there are issues that are not even evident to the seller.

Save your time and money by getting a pre-puchase inspection done before buying your next Porsche by a Porsche specialist. Whether it’s us or someone else it’s money well spent. Red Line can perform inspections out of our area upon request. Give us a call to get rates.

At Red Line Service we will provide you with a detailed list of all vital systems and there status.

Call us today to find out more about pre-purchase inspections and how we can save you money and headaches!