SystemTesterPorsche Maintenance – Regular maintenance for your Porsche is important to the longevity of your vehicle. At Red Line we only use Porsche approved fluids and parts. We also perform an extensive inspection to be sure all is well with your Porsche. We spend the extra time to communicate with you any areas of your car that may need attention or to be watched.

Electronics/Computers – Red Line has the latest diagnostic computers that allow us to connect to all Porsche’s up to and including the 991. Red Line technicians are up to date all on Porsche diagnostic techniques to provide proper service of your Porsche. From ECU repair to fiber optic diagnostics, we have you covered.

Open Case HalfEngine Services – Porsche builds amazing machines. They do wear out and things can go wrong. Whether is just a refresh of your engine or a complete restoration, we can take care of your engine needs.

Suspension & Brakes – Whether it’s factory parts or you’d like to track your car, we can cover all your suspension and braking needs.

Transmission Service – Need some synchros and a refresh or a complete rebuild? We do everything from service your transmission to complete rebuilds. Give us a call and we can set up an appointment to diagnose any concerns you may have. It may just be a linkage adjustment or some bushings….