Race and Track Support

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  • Track Car – If you like to take your Porsche to the track or prefer some serious canyon runs, we can set up your car to perform at it’s best. From mild to serious track performance, Red Line can help.

  • GT3CupMartyRace Car – If you love to race, we understand. We have years of professional race experience, resources and connections to make your car the best prepared Porsche on the track.
  • Engineering – Red Line has on staff one of the finest race engineers in North America. With race experience in Nascar, Champ Car, Grand Am and more. When you want the best setup possible, you can count on us.

  • Safety – Your safety is paramount at Red Line. We stay current on all modern safety innovations in motorsports. Proper safety equipment is not only for you protection but also for a more relaxed, comfortable environment that reduces driver fatigue and increases confidence. This in turn leads to faster and more consistent lap times. Red Line is an OMP Safety Dealer. Stop by for a free safety inspection.


PCA Zone 8Red Line is a Zone 8 Porsche Club of America Tech inspection facility.




PCA_National_ColorMarc Bixen is a Porsche Club of America Certified Driving Instructor.